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Alex Cross's Trial () (with Richard DiLallo) I, Alex Cross () Cross Fire () Kill Alex Cross () Merry Christmas. EQ53FFShdfz - Download and read James Patterson's book Cross Kill: An Alex Cross Story in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free Cross Kill: An Alex. KB. . Lee, Harper - To Kill a .. Alex Cross 1 - Along Came A Spider. epub.

Now having solved the murder of his wife, Alex finds the will to move on with his life, finding peace for the very first time. In the newest books, he begins a relationship with Bree Stone, whom he eventually marries.

It is unknown exactly why Craig wants to kill Alex however. Craig is to have supposedly died in Cross Fire. Alex marries Bree in Cross Fire and is finally at peace with her. He has had three major love interests throughout the series, Maria Cross his deceased wife , Christine Johnson his ex-girlfriend, whom he'd been engaged to , and Bree his current wife. He has been friends with Sampson since he was 10, meaning they've been friends since he first arrived in Washington, D.

In Alex Cross, Run , Alex faces several cases and his life becomes severely complicated. When Ava is murdered, he finds her killer and avenges her death along with Bree. However, he still faces several issues: problems with his new wife, Bree; what he will do after Ava's death and whether he will continue being a detective; if he may have children with Bree; and if he will ever stop having to face the recurring problem in his life - endangering himself and his family all the time.

His shrink, Finally, says she will help him deal with his life for as long as it takes. John Sampson , is Cross's best friend since childhood and also his partner. John explains that he didn't want to see Jimmy get away with murdering Alex's wife and also didn't want to see Alex go down a road of revenge and had decided to avenge Alex's wife for him.

In another book, Double Cross he is taken hostage while trying to solve the case with Cross's new love interest, Brianna Stone. In earlier books, the first few, he is seen to have had been in love with Nina Childs, who dies in Pop Goes the Weasel causing him to vow to find the killer and get him. They were known for robbing grocery stores when they were teenagers.

Sampson got married in Four Blind Mice to a woman, who he fell in love with, named Billie, despite his reluctance since he is afraid of being a father because his parents were so horrible. It is said that Billie is first and only girl that he has ever made love to. She first appeared in Double Cross, having started a relationship with Alex and falling in love with him. At the beginning and near the end of the novel, she professes her love for Alex.

In Cross Country, Bree and Alex's relationship continues to grow more stronger. She helps him investigate The Tiger, especially when his family is kidnapped by the killer also. She continues to stay at the Cross house to take care of Nana Mama, after Nana nearly dies. In the end of the book, Alex proposes to her and she happily accepts. They get married after facing off against Kyle Craig "the Mastermind" one final time.

At the end of the novel, Kyle is killed and Bree and Alex are finally enjoying a life of peace together. In Kill Alex Cross she discovers a homeless girl trying to steal from the Cross house, and later agrees to adopt her due to Nanna's wishes. However, at the end of the novel, Alex and her share a dance while on a double date with Sampson and Billie, and they share a kiss.

In Alex Cross, Run she is distraught and wants vengeance when Ava, a young girl she and Nana adopted, is burned alive. She and Sampson assist Alex in capturing Ava's murderer and killing him. At the end of the novel, she and Alex continue to recover from the death of Ava and their love for each other remains strong.

Nana Mama , the matriarch of the Cross family. She is Cross's grandmother that took him in when he was 10, since both his parents had died. She is described as a very "old woman", but tough for her age. She is also described by Alex as "stubborn". She usually argues with Alex over several things thus Alex dumbs her as "old woman" and "stubborn". She approves of Alex's new wife, Bree Stone, and considers her to be a daughter to her.

Nana was once married to Alex's grandfather, who she was deeply in love with. Once he died, Nana never married again or dated, as it was mentioned in Four Blind Mice. She is also known for always having the last word against Alex. Damon, Janelle, Ali, Ava , Alex's children. Ali, however, is not featured in Merry Christmas, Alex Cross since he is supposedly spending Christmas with his true mother, Christine, who is briefly mentioned in the book.

She returns, along with Damon and Jannie in the 19th novel in the series, Merry Christmas. Ava is sent to a housing home for orphans again sometime during the events of Alex Cross, Run, for doing drugs. At the end of the novel, she is burned alive by one of Alex's newest nemesis.

Alex's deceased wife, Maria, was once pregnant with his third child, before Ali came along, but died when Maria was killed. She first appeared in Jack and Jill where her husband is killed and she meets Alex.

In Cat and Mouse she begins dating him and the two fall in love with each other. In Pop Goes the Weasel she is kidnapped for over a year; during that time she is pregnant with Alex's child and gives birth at the end.

James Patterson

Alex is able to find her and their new born son, Ali. In Roses Are Red she becomes paranoid since the events of the previous novel, and the baby, who she names after Alex, is living with her. She has changed and begins to distant herself from Alex, fearing the work he does and believes that her life is ruined because of him.

She eventually leaves for Seattle and also leaves Alex "Ali" with Alex. She returns in Big Bad Wolf to claim custody over Ali. In Mary, Mary she appears in court for custody of Ali and wins, but near the end of the book, she gives Alex Ali. She returns in Cross Fire to spend time with Alex, after hearing that he was going to marry Bree Stone, but ends up angering him and leaves after her time with Ali. During the novel, it is hinted that she still harbors some love for Alex.

Despite only being mentioned in the first eleven books in the series, Maria makes her very first appearance in a flashback setting in Cross. She is described as being "too short" and having a "beautiful smile".

Before being killed, Maria was working as a social worker in Washington D. They first met at St. Anthony's Hospital and fell in love soon after. They married and moved into an apartment together. Damon was born later in the marriage and Janelle was born sometime before Maria's death. Maria was revealed to be pregnant with their third child, during the events of Cross.

When Alex came to pick up Maria from her work place, Maria was shot by an unknown sniper and died in Alex's arms. Her last words to Alex were that she loved him.

It remains unknown if the shooter was aiming for Maria or Alex. After her death, Alex moved out of the apartment and back to his grandma's place. Maria's murderer was never caught, until the novel Cross, where it is revealed that a mob assassin named Jimmy Hats Galati, was responsible for killing Maria.

John Sampson was the one to avenge Maria, to spare Alex from losing what was left of his soul. Maria has been the reason for Alex's motivation of taking on cases from the very beginning of the series.

After the events of Cross, Alex has managed to let go of Maria, allowing himself to move on with his life.

He is first introduced in the earlier novels, but doesn't become an actual villain until Roses Are Red where he robs the bank and goes on a killing spree while trying to kill Cross.

He is stopped by Cross in the following book Violets Are Blue and is put into prison. In Double Cross he escapes from prison and begins a new massacre while another murderer, known as DCAK begins a new reign of terror, and runs away. He gives a taunting phone call, foreshadowing his return, in I, Alex Cross and he in fact does return in Cross Fire in which he disguises himself as Max Siegel and tries to kill Alex again.

He once again fails and, shortly before going to prison again, picks up an officer's gun and kills himself—as well as two officers—by shooting a gas tank.

He was once a FBI agent and friend of Alex, but was later explained to have always been a murderer. He had killed his abusive father, presumably killed one of his brothers, and later killed his mother.

In Violets Are Blue several things are explained about Craig: in Kiss the Girls he went to college and killed with the villains; he is presumably an atheist, believing he is second to no one; he wants to kill Alex because he wants to prove to himself that he is truly smarter than Cross—but his reason is later changed to be for ruining Kyle's life by sending him to prison. Craig helps Alex on several cases since the first book, and even offers Alex a job at the FBI at one point, which Alex accepts after Kyle is arrested.

In the new novel, Double Cross, Kyle escapes from prison and murders a few people while on the loose, with his mother being one of the victims. At the end of the novel, he is still at large, despite being wounded by Alex and his girlfriend, Bree Stone. Kyle makes another full return in Cross Fire, where he takes the identity of Max Siegel by plastic surgery.

He uses his new identity to gain the trust of Alex once more before revealing himself at the end of the novel. He engages in a final fight with Alex and his wife, Bree Stone, where he is wounded and arrested. Not wanting to go back to prison, Kyle kills himself by shooting an oxygen tank.

He meets Alex for the first time and promises to kill him in the nearby future. He is sent to prison by the end of the book and is still there in Kiss the Girls.

Roses are Red (Alex Cross #6) by James Patterson

Later on in the novel, his friend later attacks Alex as instructions from Soneji. While, Kyle Craig is the series' main antagonist, Soneji is Alex's deadliest adversary, and is therefore much more powerful in his own way than the "Mastermind" who is not as deadly as Soneji but is depicted as the main villain.

Soneji appears in the movie adaptation Along Came A Spider , but dies in the film—which does not happen in that novel, as he dies in Cat and Mouse. He also gave the Cross family a cat in Jack and Jill which they keep and start getting attached to it; despite Alex's initial hesitant response—thinking the cat to be rigged with a device of some sorts or some such.

The cat is forever mentioned and sometimes seen in most books. Soneji is also seen in two books; and is mentioned in several others. In the book they are believed to be lovers, while brother and sister.

In the novel they kidnap Sampson — keeping him hostage — while Alex and Bree stop them. Sandy is killed while Anthony is chased in hot pursuit by Alex. He is eventually shot and defeated; while Alex learns that Kyle Craig is back and in D.

Craig is shot and flees; at a hospital, Anthony vows revenge on Alex.

Others (Not part of the main series)

He is not seen until three or four books later London Bridges where he is forced to work with the Wolf, a serial killer and powerful organized crime boss. He is then assigned to keep Alex Cross busy and later decides to hunt down Alex in London, only to be fatally wounded and killed by Cross when he confronts him.

In the novel Pop Goes The Weasel, Geoffrey competes with a small group of other people, known as The Horsemen to kill people, or "live their fantasies". He is also known to have started killing many years before he was even introduced and has gone over murders.

Shafer is described as one of Alex's worst enemies. The Wolf is considered to be the first and only super-villain that Alex Cross has ever faced in the series. He is responsible for a network of human smuggling in The Big Bad Wolf and is never caught.

His identity remained unknown until the end of London Bridges, when he returns with Geoffrey Shafer to take on Alex. The Wolf's real name is revealed to be "Anton Christyakov". The Wolf is in control of an organization that proves to be very powerful in the events of the novel. At the end of London Bridges, Anton kills himself with poison, in order to avoid the authorities.

Being able to keep his identity safe, forcing other killers to do his bidding, and taking on world governments. However, as things start to with one of them being kidnapped—again—and the other killed, Alex Cross, a Washington, D. Kiss the Girls , Casanova, a new murderer and collector, strikes and even kidnaps Alex's niece, Naomi, forcing Alex to come into uncharted territory. While working with Kate McTiernan, a surgeon who escaped Casanova, Alex discovers that this new murderer is in fact a woman collector and that there are more women, along with Naomi, being held captive.

But there is another killer doing the same thing on the opposite side of the country as well. While Alex tries to stop Jack and Jill, there is a new killer at Damon's school, forcing him to work two cases at once. But that isn't all that has hit Alex's life, especially when meets a strange woman named Christine Johnson. Cat and Mouse , now dating Christine, Alex feels that he is ready to move on, until Gary Soneji strikes back at Alex, forcing him to go after his oldest nemesis one more time.

But while Alex is chasing Soneji, a new killer, Mr. Smith, is running across Europe as well. Pop Goes the Weasel , as Alex proposes to Christine, a series or murders rage out of hand in Southeast, forcing Alex to investigate. But when Christine is kidnapped—and the kidnapper possibly the Southeast killer—Alex will do anything to solve the case and save his love. Roses are Red , as Alex struggles with internal problems with his life, he is forced to investigate a series of bank robberies and a new killer, The Mastermind.

Violets Are Blue , with the Mastermind still on the loose, Alex must investigate a series of killings that relate to cult of vampires. But, meanwhile, the Mastermind is planning his own mission to kill Alex once and for all.

Four Blind Mice , as Alex prepares to retire from the police department, his partner, John Sampson, asks him to investigate a recent murder and help clean the name of his friend, who is being accused of the crime.

As Alex and John go after three Army Rangers, who have served in Vietnam War, they discover that the murders may go on farther than they originally realized.

The Big Bad Wolf , with Alex officially working for the FBI now, he faces his first assignment to take down a network that is kidnapping people and selling them for sex slavery, which is being controlled by "The Wolf", an unknown Russian mobster.

London Bridges , as Alex investigates a bombing in New Mexico, he also discovers that Geoffrey Shafer has returned and is teaming up with The Wolf.

Facing two of his biggest enemies yet, Alex travels from the United States to London, Paris, and back again in order to take them down. But the mystery of The Wolf's identity lingers on, forcing Alex to do whatever it takes to discover who he is, but it may cost him his life Mary, Mary , while on vacation in Los Angeles with his family, Alex is pulled onto a last minute case to chase down a mysterious murderer, who is killing famous people.

While facing many problems at home, Alex must solve the murders before it's too late and also make a powerful decision in the end as well. Cross , in the 12th book in the Cross series, Cross retires from the FBI and from his life as a detective.

Now returning to private practice, Alex is enjoying his new life, until an old enemy from his past resurfaces, forcing him to work with his former partner, Detective John Sampson to find him. But this killer isn't like any other. But even with everything on the line, Cross will do whatever it takes to stop a dangerous criminal.

Struggling to prove his own innocence and uncover the truth lurking online, Cross must risk everything to save his most at-risk patient of all: Little, Brown and Company Publication Date: Since his first novel won the Edgar Award in James Patterson's books have sold more than million copies.

He is the a We want your feedback! Click here. The People vs. Subjects Fiction Mystery Thriller. Fiction Mystery Thriller. Publication Details Publisher: Alex Cross. More about James Patterson.It is a fable told through the voice of a child, but it is not for children, and this is not just any child.

Deep Blue: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. He engages in a final fight with Alex and his wife, Bree Stone, where he is wounded and arrested. When his former partner Sampson shows up needing his help, Cross jumps at the chance, even if it may end up costing him what's left of his career.

However, as things start to with one of them being kidnapped—again—and the other killed, Alex Cross, a Washington, D. Box Obsession: Alex Cross.

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