Amma DARKO. FACELESS. Chapter One. She chose to spend the night on the old cardboard laid out in front of the provision store at the Agbogbloshie market. Faceless. by Amma Darko. Street life in the slums of Accra is realistically portrayed in this socially-commited, subtle novel about four educated women who are. Faceless book. Read 20 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Street life in the slums of Accra is realistically portrayed in this socia.

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Amma Darko- Faceless - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Org A Critical Overview of Amma Darko's Faceless- a Review Felicia Annin Department of General Education, Valley View University, Accra-Ghana Abstract: . Amma Darko Faceless - [Free] Amma Darko Faceless [PDF] [EPUB] Since the dawn of time, women generally have had fewer legal rights and.

A witchdoctor made him believe that his misfortune was caused by the defilement of Baby T whom he said was a cursed child. Baby T remembered what Onko did to her in the past and totally declined to sleep with him. Enraged at her refusal, Poison slapped and tried to beat her into submission.

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Baby T was found dead on the concrete floor with her head split open. She was alone with Onko in the room at the time of her death.

Onko committed suicide thereafter. However, the events in the novel happen everywhere in Africa including Nigeria. Amma Darko tells the opposite story: searching for the murderer makes for a better life for those who survive in the streets. Fofo has made it her task to find out what happened to her sister, Baby T, who was found dumped behind a marketplace, beaten and mutilated.

Baby T. Her father disappeared, leaving Ma Tsumu to fend for herself with four children. Not willing to accept the presence of the new lover, the two brothers leave home.

Soon after, Baby T. Ma Tsumu who then learns about the tragedy finds herself unable to do anything but take money from Onko, who continues to live in the same compound as Baby T. The situation is untenable.

Kpakpo suggests that Baby T be sold into prostitution. Sugar bread. What did you eat? Tea bread. Yesterday was a bad day. What did you eat yesterday? By now the plenty bread have turned to concrete inside your stomach.

And in the evening? You ate bread bread bread like that? With what? Just now? Fofo panicked and groaned aloud. He is coming oh! He has taken it! She and me who needs money more?

Odarley was yards away before Fofo could even make it to her feet. Everybody and everything within sight went hey-y.

Do you hear the lorry engines revving? Fofo bolted. She had completely forgotten the bag. Macho looked inside it and grinned. Odarley grew scared. When he wants it. And they mentioned Poison more than once. The Poison? The Street lord? But I know she knows him. A conversation and an argument in one. That is why I want to see my mother. She has some connection with him.

How do you know?

Are you sure of what you are saying? It was a conversation. That was before I quit home. The person I said tried to rape me. Her initial scare turned to bemusement.

Who would believe you? But now that Poison tried to sure it was him? Beetle nicknamed Creamy. Married sixteen years to Adade. But topping it all was her shamelessness about her special attachment to her oldhand-me-down-thank-you-very-much-Adade V.

The mother. And with equal fervour. Kabria loved her job with MUTE. The mother of three children between the ages of seven and fifteen. Nine years on.


Obea said goodnight to her one night. As though she worried just for the sake of worrying instead of like in a situation of finding herself counting and recounting the money in her purse with the deepest of frowns and canceling out items on the household shopping list.

Do you know that you worry too much? Adade for his part. And while Kabria suffered her period of discomfort in silence. Kabria ignored the age-old superstition that alleged midnight borns to grow up with their feet everywhere else but firmly on the ground. And as much as Kabria could recall.

Essie was born at midnight. The result? Obea threw both Kabria and Adade into absolute turmoil. There she was.


This normally followed a certain peculiar pattern. Her second child. Three years after her grand entry into the teen world.

As though she deemed it to be good for her soul. We would leave it behind. I will hold on with my blouse till tomorrow. Something like.

It was as though seven years ago. Whereby Ottu chose to come as a male. That is why I said you worry too much. Essie would be at her dreamer best. And what an attitude Ottu carried upon his little shoulders for being an only boy.

Who said I would have the money for it tomorrow? Where would it spring from? What blouse? Like when he lost his school lunchbox for the second time in a term and Kabria decided to act tough and decreed that she was going to make him go to school for one whole week with his lunch packed in a black polythene bag. You see. Veeeeeery special. Which he never ceased to hold Kabria to ransom with whenever a situation sort of demanded it.

Every child ought to be to the parents be them even ten or twenty.. Just like me. Kabria was so taken aback by it that she found herself asking.

And his grandmother said he is special. His motto was that.

Veeeeeery painful. So that. And would have been equally special had he also come a girl. And which was a whole hour after Kabria. His expectation to find his breakfast table laid out ready and waiting after he had hijacked the bathroom for thirty minutes and used up another fifteen minutes to dress up.

Sometimes stubbornness and frustration pushed her on to persist till she got him to open the mouth. He never came to the breakfast table without a newspaper in the hand. Next was Adade who always rose from bed each working day at 6a.

Analysis of Faceless by Amma Darko

To Adade. Her beloved son went on unperturbed anyway. If you like when you take us to school tomorrow. And if his head was buried in a newspaper and Kabna asked a question. When you are bringing forth a baby. But the often brief and snappy reply was always never worth the energy she invested in her persistence. And because of that. Adade normally met with friends at a drinking spot to socialize over bottles of drinks.

Kabria cast her mind onto the daily bottles of beers gobbled up in the name of releasing tension and paid Adade a surprise visit at his fine office the fourth day.

After work. Only to have him declare first thing on arrival home after releasing his tension. But I was busy making babies then. Unable to squeeze anything out of her miserly salary. The car had been in and out so many times of every kind of workshop from Abeka to Zongo and undergone all kinds of clinical and plastic surgeries that. Every day after work. But come the subsequent first day and second day and third day. I am so tired!

I would also have been reaping the benefits today in terms of a better salary. Adade gave her a look to kill. When Adade saw his wife and her car. After three weeks he gave in to her stubbornness and determination to drive Creamy in its tattooed state than have it sprayed any other colour than cream.

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Adade came home that night with a set of car paint. And was so furious that when he attempted to speak. And Kabna who meant business. Adade flared up. He returned the paint the following day.

Metallic sea blue! She ventured past the first of the twelve rooms. Or the other in the flour sac underpant with a body ravaged by rashes and whose nose seemed to never stop running. John the Baptist. Just a few years back.

And Odarley.

Fofo could have been the girl in the tattered brown underpants with the diseased red hair and a protruding stomach. In front of the third. Her blank eyes. The door and that of the second room were both shut.

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Amma Darko- Faceless

Russell Murphy. Ketut Widya. Lantong Jb. The Delphos Herald.Soon after, she welcomed their second son happily. German translation: Das Halsband der Geschichten. She is always in a hurry to see my back. Fofo resisted him and ran to Odarley, her finest ally who lived in a borrowed made of wood shack.

In the dream, she simply entered the toilet with a roof and did her thing. She never has a smile for me. He doesnt need to.

It begins with a death.

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