Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling. 2. SECTION.I. ALEPH. Birth and Early Life of Mary, Mother of Jesus. CHAPTER 1. Palestine. Birth of Mary. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. ning of the Aquarian Age, the age of spirit and of the Son of Man, they are revealed, and in this book, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, they are, for the.

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an d Lincoln was no t always P resident, and Jesus was n o t always Christ. Jesus wo n his Christ ship b y a strenuous life., an d i n the. Aquarian Gospel., chap. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, by Levi H. Dowling, [], full text etext at Free PDF, epub, site ebook. By Levi H. Dowling. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ is a book claimed to be transcribed from the akashic records; a.

He said thus: "This age will comprehend but little of the works of Purity and Love; but not a word is lost, for in the Book of God's Remembrance a registry is made of every thought and word and deed.

And When The world is ready to receive, lo, God will send a messenger to open up the book and copy from its sacred pages all the messages of Purity and Love.

In each of these capital cities, he is educated, tested, and teaches the religious leaders. Jesus inevitably proves that he is 'God's chosen one' the Christ in these locales and brings back this multi-cultural wisdom and confidence to Galilee and Judea.

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Jesus puts on the role of The Christ, but is not automatically Christ by nature. By making himself, through desire, effort, ability and prayer, a fit vessel, Jesus enabled The Christ to dwell within him.

Christ is therefore used as a term for the seemingly perfect human being that Jesus exemplified, a human being that has been "Christened" anointed and therefore made holy. Jesus came to Earth to show the way back to God via his lifestyle and teachings.

He is the example we must model our own lives after, if we seek salvation. Reincarnation exists and karma "You reap what you sow" is the explanation for various injustices.

Reincarnation allows people to settle debts they have incurred in past lives. Humanity has forgotten God and is currently working its way back to fully remembering God. Time is separated into ages.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi

And with his gorgeous train he journeyed on the way and came to Nazareth of Galilee. He found the object of his search engaged in building dwellings for the sons of men.


And when he first saw Jesus he was climbing up a twelve step ladder, and he carried in his hands a compass, square and axe. Ravanna said, All hail, most favored son of heaven! And at the inn Ravanna made a feast for all the people of the town; and Jesus and his parents were honored guests.

For certain days Ravanna was a guest in Joseph's home on Marmion Way; he sought to learn the secret of the wisdom of the son; but it was all to great for him.

And then he asked that he might be the patron of the child; might take him to the East where he could learn the wisdom of the Brahms. And Jesus longed to go that he might learn; and after many days his parents gave consent.

Then, with proud heart, Ravanna with his train, began the journey towards the rising sun; and after many days they crossed the Sind, and reached the province of Orissa, and the palace of the prince.

The Brahmic priests were glad to welcome home the prince; with favor they received the Jewish boy.

And Jesus was accepted as a pupil in the temple Jagannath; and here learned the Vedas and the Manic laws. The Brahmic masters wondered at the clear conceptions of the child, and often were amazed when he explained to them the meaning of the laws.The tool for doing this was alternative reality literature.

[PDF] The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion

Jesus had somehow gone to India and studied Pali and thoroughly read the Buddhist scriptures which would, in fact, not be written down in Pali for another four centuries. The details became public in when Annie Besant had him reinstated in the Society, which created a crisis among its membership and a schism in the Theosophical Society, with the London Lodge becoming independent for a while.

The high priest was a prophet and a seer, and when he saw the child he said, 9. Christ is therefore used as a term for the seemingly perfect human being that Jesus exemplified, a human being that has been "Christened" anointed and therefore made holy.

All of these Jesuses blamed the retrograde Church for telling the wrong story about him. This book was transcribed, she wrote, between the early morning hours of two and sixthe absolutely quiet hours.

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According to Dowling, Jesus spent a lot of time in the mystical East where he learned esoteric methods from the masters, while rebelling against the caste system. The Theosophy of the Aquarian Gospel.

All souls will eventually mature and evolve towards the perfect, like Jesus the Christ.

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