City of Bones. Book One of the Mortal Instruments. Cassandra Clare. For my grandfather. Acknowledgments. I would like to thank my writing group, the. City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments). Read more · City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments) · Read more City of Bones. Chroniken der Unterwelt 01 · Read more. graphic pdf city of bones book one of the mortal instruments cassandra chroniken der unterwelt 1 - city of bones chroniken der unterwelt 1.

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bones - chroniken der unterwelt city of bones - fzo for a ebook city of bones (the mortal instruments) by cassandra clare in pdf form. los angeles. city of bones mortal instruments book 1 pdf - read online now city of bones publishers weekly chroniken der unterwelt band 6: city of heavenly fire. chroniken der unterwelt band 5: city of lost souls pdf. der erschienene erste band „city of bones“ ist das romandebüt der autorin.

Mortal Instruments - 01 City of Bones

Why the fuck does she slap everyone? It doesn't make her a strong, venerable female, it makes her a psychotic bitch, especially since there wasn't a single justifiable slap she delivered.

Also, she's a moron. Blind, deaf babies knew that Simon was in love with her. My dog knew that Simon was in love with her and the most complicated thought he has in a day is, 'gee, I think I'll lick my junk today'. I have no idea why it's such a surprise to her, really.

This brings me to my second greatest pet peeve and yet another trope that you liberally borrowed from, well, everyone: all the boys want Clary. What the hell is this shit? Clary isn't even likable.

You stole it off of Stephenie Meyer who stole it off of L. Smith and frankly? You keep copying copies, the shittier-looking and harder to read they get.

You are not an exception, you are the rule. Also, okay. So the Clave is like the circle of Jedi, right? So, like, Order of the Sith, kind of? I think he is. You know what the funniest thing about all this is, Cassie Clare? You aren't even stealth about stealing. You know, when most people shoplift, they maybe do a cursory look for the cameras and stuff something in their pocket when they think no one is looking, but you're that chick that goes up to the clerk, asks a clerk a question about a product you have in your hand while winking that you just don't have the money to pay for it.

X by name and the dice hanging up in the Millennium Falcon. Now that I've drawn all necessary attention to your totally original content, I want to talk about the story in general.

I read this book because it was handed down to me by my recently-turned eleven year old niece. I figured, okay, I'll figure out what the big deal is with this book since everyone and their mom no, really, I think my mom, too has read it.

My niece isn't what anyone would call fastidious; she hates cleaning her room and at dinner, she likes to mash all of her food together and make a sculpture with it and then eat it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the portion of the book I borrowed from her had pages upon pages of highlighted words. I figured, aw cute, she highlighted her favorite parts. But, no, my eleven year old niece had gone through the book and highlighted grammatical errors.

There were misspellings, comma splices, and just general bad phrasing all throughout. She had also highlighted words that she saw in multiples.

Seriously, Cassie Clare, I get it. Every time a wolf shows up in your book, you don't have to describe it as 'brindled'. Did your word-of-the-day calendar run out?

Did you lose your thesaurus? Do you have a short-term memory problem and forget that you used the word 'brindled' to describe a wolf eight times?

I can't even talk about the metaphors and the similes. I can't. I used to like them.

Now they make me want to punch toddlers in the face because your book is full of approximately nine hundred and thirty-three million of them. I am also not going to talk about your bizarre tense changes and the random chapter you threw in from Luke's point of view which was completely out of character for both a man and a human, let alone Luke - no one talks like that.

Another thing that I want to reference is this whole stele thing.

In Tatiana's review , she mentioned that there didn't seem to be any parameters with this stele; it seemed to be a fix-it for whenever you had written yourself into a hole. Simon mentions seeing thin, white scars on Jocelyn's back and shoulders, but Clary dismisses this.

They go to a poetry reading where Clary sees Jace, one of the boys from the previous night, who privately tells Clary about demon-hunters, called Shadowhunters or Nephilim, and claims Clary is not a mundane ordinary human.

Clary answers a call from Jocelyn, who frantically warns her not to come home and to tell Luke that "he" has found her.

The call ends abruptly. After failure to phone back, Clary returns to her house and finds it in disarray, and her mother gone. She is attacked by another demon, which she kills with Jace's Sensor; and Jace brings Clary to the "Institute": the local headquarters of the Shadowhunters, where she is introduced to two other hunters, Isabelle and Alec, and the tutor, Hodge. Jace and Clary return to Clary's house and meet her neighbor Madame Dorothea, who has a teleportation portal.

To find her mother, Clary, followed by Jace, rushes through the portal, and they land at Luke's bookstore and find Simon, in search of Clary. The three hide inside the store.

City Of Bones

Luke returns with two men, Pangborn and Blackwell, whom Valentine sent to interrogate Luke about the Mortal Cup: a talisman sought by both parties. Luke claims ignorance of where Jocelyn hid the Mortal Cup, and refuses to negotiate with them or interfere with Valentine's plans.

Clary and Jace, accompanied by Simon, tell Hodge what they learned, and Hodge tells them about the Circle: a group of Shadowhunters that Valentine formed to eliminate all Downworlders vampire, werewolves, faeries, warlocks, and others , which Jocelyn, Valentine's wife, was forced to join. Clary and Jace go to the Silent City to speak to the Silent Brothers, who tell them that a block in her mind prevents her from remembering the Shadow World; itself placed by a warlock named Magnus Bane.

Isabelle meanwhile has been given an invitation to a party hosted by Magnus. At the party, Clary meets Magnus, who says his spell is too complex to remove but will fade naturally if it is not re-enforced every two years , and was placed at the behest of Jocelyn for Clary's protection. During the party, Simon ignores Isabelle's warning and drinks a blue liquid that transforms him into a rat.

Vampires take him away thinking Simon was one of their own; but Clary and Jace rescue him, and restore him to human form. That night, Jace takes Clary to the Institute's greenhouse on a midnight picnic to celebrate Clary's sixteenth birthday, where Jace then kisses her.

As her memories emerge, Clary deduces that the Mortal Cup is hidden in one of Madame Dorothea's tarot cards. Clary retrieves the Cup, but the demon Abaddon has possessed Madame Dorothea and is disguised as her, as he attempts to take it. Aided by Simon, they escape and return to the Institute where Hodge hands over the Cup and an unconscious Jace to Valentine. Hodge flees, pursued by Clary. Hodge attacks her in an alleyway, but she is unexpectedly saved by Luke, who is a werewolf.

While Luke's werewolf pack attack Valentine's followers, Clary locates her mother, who is unconscious, and also finds Jace, who says Valentine identified Jace himself as his son; this dismays both Jace and Clary.

Valentine entices Jace to return to Idris - the Shadowhunters' home country - with him. Jace refuses, and Valentine escapes through a portal with the Cup, smashing the portal behind him. Clary grew up oblivious to the shadow world and her real heritage. Jocelyn, her mother, believes that Clary should have a normal human life to shield her from Jocelyn's past.

She raised Clary in New York. Clary is an artist, like her mother, often drawing her emotions in pictures - her version of a diary. She lives a very typical teenage life until her mother is kidnapped.

Throughout the next book or 2, Clary embarks on a quest to help her mother while adjusting to a life as a Shadowhunter. She and Jace eventually develop a mutual attraction; although the revelation that they are siblings dashes their romantic hopes.

There he is trained alongside Isabelle and Alec Lightwood. Jace grows up to be cold and arrogant to those around him. He rejects the idea of love and only believes in the art of war. Before the death of his father, Jace was brutally trained to be an expert in the arts of war. He is said to be the best Shadowhunter of his age.

Jace is described as having golden hair, eyes, and skin.I would have been irate over the 14 dollars that I would have lost. I absolutely loved the banter. Jace and Simon have huge crushes on each other.

So, I kind of do want to make fun of it because, you know, you probably don't have to be this unc I think this book is has some kind of mental disability.

Valentine Morgenstern A powerful, evil Shadowhunter, he reappears after years in hiding, during which he was presumed dead. Very nearly ruined the book!

While it's fair to mention that Cassandra Clare has improved her lgbtq rep - several sapphic friends of mine would like to notify you that The Dark Artifices is awesome wrt this - it's not good in this series. I read this book because it was handed down to me by my recently-turned eleven year old niece. And I'm not equating learning disabilities with mental illness or with being creepy, just to be clear.

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