Post with 35 votes and views. Tagged with ; Shared by ifyouwerereallyhardcoreyoudhavethrownafullbottle. Here () by Richard. Richard McGuire's groundbreaking six-page comic “Here” was first published in RAW magazine in McGuire developed the book based on this short story. in tHe comics antHology magazine Raw published 'Here', a short black-and -white strip by Richard. McGuire about a living room in which the present is.

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“Here” is a comic by Richard McGuire that tells the story of a single room over the course of billions of years. Here Mcguire. In , McGuire. This graphic novel tells the story of one corner of one room across millennia. It is the fulfillment of a pioneering comic prototype of the. From one of the great comic innovators, the long-awaited fulfillment of a pioneering comic vision. Richard McGuire's Here is the story of a corner.

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That's a funny summation of a piece of work that started as a comic strip in and has remained relevant and beloved ever since.

Here's everything you need to know to get into Here. He found stacks of photos and unearthed old memories, which made their way into the book.

Sound familiar? McGuire found that lots of families have many of the same rituals—photographs, holidays, movie nights. People who pass through the panels may be McGuire's aunts or uncles, but he doesn't think it matters; the story, the family, the scenes are universal.

The reader brings his or her own dreams and memories of what it means to be home. McGuire, nonetheless, has snuck little Easter eggs into the book.

Here (1989) by Richard McGuire

The opening scene, for example, is the year he was born. Inspired by the then-new concept of computer "windows," McGuire developed the panels-within-panels concept that would become essential to his book.

Ben Franklin Was Here. There's a history to every place, which McGuire felt he couldn't ignore.

The "here" itself could be anywhere, sure, but McGuire used his childhood home in New Jersey as the basis for the book's historical research. Growing up he had heard that the house across the street from his was somehow linked to Ben Franklin. He found that Franklin's son had, in fact, lived there—his father visited on occasion, but their relationship was strained by the son's loyalty to King George.

McGuire also learned that Native Americans had lived near his home, which was not a house, but a forest at the time. These historical moments make an entrance in the book, but they're no more important to the narrative than a Halloween party years later, or a lazy afternoon.

It had to be like an owner's manual or something," McGuire says.

For the book, however, he opted to draw with pencils and paint with watercolors—bright reds, yellows, burnt browns, grassy greens, deep blues. Storylines and time periods have more consistent color schemes i. Then, he realized that "would be crazy," he says.Despite our differences across the span of time, we all share the same fate of mortality, experience the same emotions. The concept is stunningly simple, and in laying bare the universality of existence—its beauty, ugliness, and mundanity—it is utterly moving.

In this special eBook edition, scenes can be shuffled and reshuffled, leading to new narrative combinations and connections, and visual surprises await you at the turn of the page. Despite these seemingly large hurdles, McGuire produces a reading experience that is emotional, thought-provoking and interactive….

A brisk and brilliant read, Here combines genres and styles in a meditation on impermanence and the processes of memory. He found that Franklin's son had, in fact, lived there—his father visited on occasion, but their relationship was strained by the son's loyalty to King George.

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