The Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set is required to use Starterbook: Starterbook: Sword and Dragon, Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, BattleMech, ' Mech. BattleTech: Starterbook: Sword and Dragon - Take Command! The Fox's Teeth McKinnon's ADD TO WISHLIST >. Watermarked PDF. $ Record Sheets: The Sword and Dragon Campaign: 49 assumes that players have Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set can be downloaded for free.

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Advanced MechWarrior Abilities. Sorenson's Sabres. The Fox's Teeth. BattleMech Quirks. Sorenson's Sabres. The Fox's Teeth. Prototype. BattleTech - SB Sword and Dragon - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Sword and Dragon into Scenario Book. WizKids, Inc. Classic BattleTech, 'Mech and BattleMech are trademarks of WizKids, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission to photocopy for personal use. TM.

He drew a deep breath, wondering what Hed made the agonizing choice to remain loyal to the Combine, but The thought was cut off by the sudden whine of laser fire. The not all Rasalhagians had. Two of Sorensons men, Izzy Soderstrom and underbrush to Sorensons left caught fire.

Cedrick Sveinson, had tried to defect to the Republic and it had fallen to A fast, little Locust had appeared at the top of a hill, limned by the Sorenson to stop them.

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He had. The light Mech was painted a lustrous black with crimson Only to learn the next day that the Coordinator was allowing highlights. A wicked-looking curved blade marked its cockpit.

Rasalhagian soldiers to return to their homeland. Sir, Red DropShip on approach, one that had overflown Company is dug in along a ridge in grid We are pulling out and will the range by accident. An assessment Ian believed right up until Leftenant Kate Nomuras cold, precise voice cut in. Sir, Blue Company is the moment when the single light split into two. We can form up on you in. Then three.

Negative, Charlie One. He had to protect his base of operations, Then four. Get your people live roundscycle them through the tangle of brush that blanketed the mountain below the through the base one at a time. It was a sound tactical decision, but Ian had more than tactical Five.

Mark piloted a Shadow He selected the exercise channel. All forces, this is the referee. Hawk in Kates lance. Ian had no intention of exposing his brother to Secure from exercise. I say again, secure from exercise. I have visual combat, not if he didnt have to. My God had to be at least a Union up there.

Ian hoped Thats going to cut down on the number of Snakes we can address to hell it wasnt an Overlord. He had two companies on the mountain, on descent. They Ian heard the warning in Lyttons voice, but he had little choice.

Ian could take twelve Mechs.

If there were more. He wasnt about to sacrifice his people just for the sake of The Raiders three lances had been mixed in with the Rasalhagian form. George, without live ammo all they can do is soak up fire. Ian wouldve liked to pull the Raiders up and hold Aye, sir, Lytton conceded. Hed have to Ian pushed through the underbrush while keeping one eye on the play this with the cards hed been dealt.

He hit somethingfelt like a fallen logand stumbled forward. Alpha Two and Charlie One, say your posits. Somehow managed to run himself out of the fall. But it was close.

Sorenson twisted his Marauder right and jerked his arm up, letting Then he popped out of hiding. Deadly azure Sorensons own autocannon fire flashed out from his Mechs right arm.

And missed. The assault machine was gone. The little Locust ducked left and snapped a shot off with the long What the hell? Ruby flame washed The pirates werent pressing their advantages. They were using over Sorensons right leg and then the Locust ducked down behind hit and fade tactics. Strange for a force that shouldve been at least the hill. Sorenson wiped sweat from his forehead with the back of his arm.

He Unless the enemy was somewhere else. Sorenson called up a tactical map. The three DropShips were arranged He charged forward, planning to pop up over the hill and take the in a long isosceles triangle. The Union and the Leopard formed the base, Locust out, when he caught a flicker of motion behind him. The massive Perfect if you wanted to slip your main force past the battle. He shifted to an HF channel for long- the angry roar of armor piercing shells walking toward Sorensons range comms.

Militia One, report.

Nothing but static. He juked right, getting off a wild shot with one of his medium lasers, verste Derricksons querulous voice interrupted. Sorenson, what the pounding for the shelter of a rock outcropping. Samuel Derrickson was the senior KungsArm He didnt quite make it. On Sorensons Wait one, Overste, Sorenson snapped, biting back what he really wireframe schematic his back armor flickered from green wanted to say.

Militia One, he said, this is Sabre One. Report, over. And then he was around the wall of rock. Sorensons stomach twisted. Something very bad was happening. He pivoted on his right foot, turning He switched back to his command circuit.

Sabre command, this is undamaged armor toward the threat vector. Sabre One.

Break off attack. Its a trick. I say again, break off attack. He was engaged in a strange, deadly race. The dozen falling enemy Charlie Two, report status of Charlie One. He magnified the image of Mechs were equipped with external boosters that would keep them the falling Mech.

It was lustrous black, a rearing ivory dragon painted from crashing, but offered almost no capability to move laterally. And over its left breast. If Ians folks could get to the Kate is down, shes A burst of static drowned him out. Dammit, Ian snarled. What the hell was going on? Say again all after But if they got there too late, theyd find themselves outgunned in Kate is down. Listen, snapped Mark, clearly irritated. We Static.

The nearest light resolved itself into a shape. A couple klicks up. Ian felt a cold pit in his stomach. That was clear enough.

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We are under Falling fast. A feral smile stretched across Ians face. He drifted with the Charger, There was a second force of Kurita Mechs out there. Ian watched the ronin Charger drift down. If Mark could just hold on This was what hed been born to do. His radio crackled and a panicked voice blurted. Alpha One, Alpha pha One, do Static. One, come in. Startled, Ians gaze jerked down to the console. Yes, I read, Ian snapped. He guided his Black Knight left, positioning It was Mark.

You are ordered to hold. Clear this channel, Charlie Two, Ian barked. The Foxs Teeth ont understand. Ian scowled. The angles were lining up beautifully. Hed have a free Ian pursed his lips, glanced up at the falling Charger.

He didnt have shot at the Chargers rear armor all the way down. Even better, the pilot time for this. Charlie One, this is Alpha One, over. Sorensons Sabres He turned and pushed his Marauder into an earthshaking sprint. The clearing below was a killing field. Just from where he stood, Turn and advance by lances on the Militias last known position. Sorenson saw the gutted hulks of five Mechs scattered across the Pursuit lance is point, fire lance will take rearguard. Command lance grass.

More than a lance.

BattleTech 35100 - SB Sword and Dragon

All bearing the mottled gray-green camo of with me. He was answered by a pair of hais from his lance commanders. Shiros flat red Jenner stood motionless in the clearing as if in shock. And then he was tearing through the forest, his mind racing as fast The strike had been swift and brutal. A samurais thrust with as his Mech. The Damian Militia was green, so if they were under attack they And suddenly Sorenson understood. He understood why the should be bleating for assistance.

He Rules annex Unless they were being jammed. Most of all he understood why a Blackjacks rear armor had been setting it up, just in time for a brutal assault. My God. Unless the pirates already knew they were there. He understood. There was a traitor. That was the only way any of this made Count! Sorenson roared. Eight, Tai-i, snapped Chu-i Benton. We count eight. Grace Shiros voice was a gasp. It was the command lance then. Report, Sorenson barked.

Her fast Jenner mustve reached the Militia As if on cue a broken signal crackled over Sorensons radio. This position first and he had to know what she was seeing.

Presently tracking pirateswill Its the recruits, Tai-i. It didnt make sense. A company of Mechs was a powerful Sorensons eyes narrowed.

Starterbook: Sword and Dragon

A lie. To cover the traitors escape. Could some of the recruits have fallen? Were the pirates Sorenson switched to a tactical channel guarded only by his pushing the Militia line back? Sabre Command, this is Sabre One. Proceed to Grid Point Sorenson pushed his Marauder up a shallow hill, reached the top. Four Six One. But there was no way that Chu-i Utsonomiyas voice came over the lance commanders channel. The thought suddenly evaporated. Were not going to cut off the pirates before they reach the city?

Maybe the limb would have held up under the impact.

Frustration twisted Marks voice. If Ian hadnt poured ruby fire into the delicate knee joint as it took the Seven hundred meters. Ian- Static. And Ian poured all of his frustration and despair into the ronin Negative, Ian snarled. Dammit, Mark. Were armed with machine. If we give up our supply point, well have to withdraw from the mountain under their guns. Theyll tear us apart. Six hundred meters. Ian dropped his reticle over the falling Mech. It burned blood red.

Come on, come on. Altogether, Red Company took out five Mechs on descent. Apparently down three. They are tearing us apart. Maul the falling ronin and then fall back to the surviving ronin pulled back. Ian didnt wait to see what they were planning.

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He ordered his force But he couldnt let his brother die. He ground his teeth together and pain lanced through his jaw. Unfortunately, in the mountains best possible speed meant And then his radio crackled. We can hold. Anything faster just wasnt safe. Ian let out a breath he hadnt realized hed been holding.

To hell with safe. Ian blazed through the woods, pushing over trees, crashing through He glanced at the falling Charger just as his reticle flashed gold and mountain streams, hopping over the wrinkled contours of the earth his cockpit filled with the clear, shrill tone of target lock.

Ian pulled into his main trigger. He stumbled several times, but never went down. Violet lightning tore into the Chargers back, gouging huge rents in And he moved. So it was no surprise he reached Fort Zmaj fast. The helpless Combine pilot twisted his machine in mid-air, desperately Just not fast enough to save his brother.

Ian hit him again. It was as close as anyone would come to questioning his orders. Somewhere in the vicinity of Sorenson ignored it. Grid Point Four Six One. Ken from TGN gives a very thoughtful and detailed lengthy but in a good way review that tackles some great issues. Especial praise was given to the Warchest system. I agree one hundred percent.

The Warchest system is a quantum leap ahead. What About Record Sheets? The only knock on an otherwise stellar product was the availability of record sheets for playing the campaign. Unless you spring for the PDF download, dead tree lovers without access to Heavy Metal are going to be bending their books in order to make photo-copies to play with.

Seeing as this is a product designed for new players, I doubt many will even know what HMP is. Most are not.

If you download the book, you will have to copy some of the record sheets from the back. I found myself wishing there were PDFs available so I could quickly print perfect record sheets at home without having to explain BattleTech to my co-workers at the copy machine. The easy answer would be to simply download the PDF from Battlecorps but that may be a bit disheartening for a new player.Sorenson said nothing.

To William S. And then he was around the wall of rock. Very well, said Sorenson. Mark piloted a Shadow He selected the exercise channel. Couldnt be a military dropthe recruits were still struggling to Ian pressed his lips together in a tight line.

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